Spring Greens (and Purples)

The garden is starting to look good as everything comes back to life, and I woke up this morning thinking it would be interesting to have a go at a pastel picture of a spray of green leaves. I was definitely full of optimism and feeling up for a challenge.

Firstly, I’m usuaHonesty flowers pastellly most comfortable drawing subjects with hard edges, not natural and organic beauty, so this was uncertain territory. Secondly, I wanted to focus harder than usual on composition (which to be honest is often the last thing I think of), as I’ve noticed that I could definitely improve in this area. Add to this the fact that I’ve only used pastels for portraits so far… so, I had a number of challenges on my hands.

In the end, it didn’t go too badly for a first bash. I like the play of the shadows on the table surface, but the actual flowers are too undefined and not how I’d imagined they would be when I started.  I’m fairly pleased with the composition, although I think the diagonal could have been less acute. All in all, a reasonable beginning.

Note to self: I must get some larger board as this size (12 x 14 ins) felt constraining with the bluntness of the pastels. Let’s go bigger next time!

6 thoughts on “Spring Greens (and Purples)

  1. You’ve done very nicely with a “tall” composition…I tend to run out of paper before I get to the flowers part (when I’m having a really bad day). I think it looks nicely balanced, with the space around it. And colours, well Nature always comes up with best combinations, lovely mauve and green. It is possible to work quite small with pastels, but you have to break bits off (drop a Unison on a tiled floor from a height of three feet and you will have plenty 🙂 ) Have a good day.

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    • You’re too kind 🙂 . And so right, I am just realising how easy the pastels are to break – another Conte multiplied itself on my kitchen floor yesterday… Off to the big art shop tomorrow though, can’t wait.


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