Just Footlin’

I decideCat mandalad to let myself off the hook today and just do something quick and fun, without worrying too much about how it turned out. I have a black sketchbook which hasn’t been doing much recently, and so I thought it might be different to do a monochrome picture. Mandalas were in my mind, and I’ve never experimented with one before – seemed like a good opportunity to have a play.

So, here’s a little mandala/silhouette combo which reminds me of our sly black cat, Peat. I used a chinagraph pencil and, in retrospect, I think I might have been better off with a standard coloured pencil, as the chinagraph was quite sticky in the way it went onto the paper (reminded me of school crayons!) and the point wore down very quickly so details were hard to achieve. But I enjoyed myself anyway, and for me that’s the whole point.


7 thoughts on “Just Footlin’

      • Thanks Rebecca! I’m really glad that you get a gritty, film noir quality and from the ink. That’s a wonderful compliment and definitely the style I’m striving to achieve for the story. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll create next 🙂

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