Pastel Portrait – Roger

Dad pastel 1Pesky portraits, problem pastels! I thought it only fair to have a go at making a portrait of my Dad next. But he wasn’t very compliant when it came to having his photo done, and I didn’t have the time to do him from life when I last saw him. The light was very bright and squinty (for a change), and he wouldn’t behave! This theme has continued with this portrait…

Quite apart from having to re-draw the outlines several times as I’d just got them plain wrong, one of the biggest challenges here was the beard. The end result looks something like bits of Roger, but not entirely like him. I think I might have to have another go at a later date, but I can’t face it today! Why do we do these things?

6 thoughts on “Pastel Portrait – Roger

    • Thank you very much, Russell! That’s so kind. I’ve found that, being a graphite kind of girl at heart, pastels gave me an ‘in’ on the world of colour without all the scary fuss of paint. I also love the smearing and blending you can do on the paper with the very soft pastels – they seem to lend themselves really well to skin. Are you inclined to have a go?

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