Wow – so many great ideas!

Since I’m on a bit of a portrait trek at the moment, my braincells are getting very excited by this book:

Illustration Now! Portraits

It contains wonderful, weird and downright brilliant portraits produced by artists from many different countries. Some artists have chosen cartoon or graphic styles, others total realism, and still others seem to be on a completely different plane. Some interpretations are funny, and some deadly serious. And what a range of media and approaches. There’s everything from watercolours to digital art, oils and graphite, mixed media and acrylic, pills and nail varnish.

For example, Jason Mecier makes portraits from junk associated with the person or character he’s showing. I love his Nicholas Cage portrait – so much detail to look at, and humorous too.

But I have to be honest, my favourite images in the book are by Stina Persson. Her watercolours are gloriously colourful and free, quite delicious.

Maybe one day… but in the meantime, I can think of nothing I’d like more than to spend an hour or two just revelling in this book.


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