Seven Days of Portraits – Day 5

Self portrait 5

I’m back, and armed with 3 new flesh-coloured pastels and some lovely dark blue/grey mountboard. Oh yes. Just looking at the board made me itch to get started.

What I didn’t consider was that I wouldn’t be able to see the pencil outline on the dark board. So I spent quite a long time adjusting my position to try to get the light to shine onto the graphite to give me a chance at getting features in the right place. It wasn’t really enough though, and I knew I was going to need a better solution.

Once I got going, the new Reeves skintone pastels worked a treat, and went on beautifully, blending where necessary with the Conte pastels. This time I’d scraped my hair right back so that I could actually see the shape of my face properly. It did help somewhat, and revealed the contrasts in light and shade that were produced by sitting alongside the kitchen window.

In summary, this was a better effort, but still looked like someone else, not me. I couldn’t stop now, maybe the next one would be the one?

2 thoughts on “Seven Days of Portraits – Day 5

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