Seven Days of Portraits – Day 4

Self portrait 3

Day four, and back for more punishment. I dug out another piece of spare mount board, and having re-read Betty Edwards last night, tried again, face-on. I truly did try to do the measurements…it just turned out that the picture looked nothing like me, but like some poor (much younger, still intense) soul with mumps.

It’s so hard to see the truth while drawing, and to identify where things aren’t going right. If this had been an object, I would have turned the picture upside down to try to discover what exactly was wrong. But it wasn’t until I’d finished and left the picture that I realised the multitude of dimensions which aren’t right in this one – nose too long, eyes too far apart, face too round… it’s a long list. Plus, no bright blue jumpers in future.

So, I vowed next time to observe more and worry less about what the guidelines in the book say. On the up-side, I also decided I really needed some better, flesh-coloured soft pastels and different board. So off to the art shop – hurray!

2 thoughts on “Seven Days of Portraits – Day 4

    • Thanks for the compliment! I’ve greatly enjoyed looking at your life drawings in return. It’s not fair that there’s always more good stuff in the art shop than there is money to buy it with… 🙂

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