Funsize sketches

Stranded in King’s Lynn one day, I bought a tiny 10 x 10cm cartridge sketchbook and a dark sepia fibre-tipped pen and I took myself off to King’s Lynn Museum for a bit of drawing practice. The aim was to sketch straight off in pen, without using any pencil guidelines. Risky, but kind of fun.

First up was a Roman oil lamp, a very quick sketch of about 15 minutes. It presented quite a few challenges in perspective, and I also decided to have a go with cross-hatching for shading, which is something I’ve never really experimented with. At least it was a start.

Having got my teeth into the job, the next thing that took my fancy was a WRVS uniform. This seemed a lot easier, despite its relative size.

Tiny roman lamp    Tiny uniform

Over the next few days, the sketchbook became a permanent resident in my handbag, where it and the pen can still be found. At home I quickly accumulated two more sketches:

Tiny snowdrop   Tiny netsuke

And at Lynnsport, I managed to find something unexpected to pass the time…

Tiny skull

The little book is gradually building into a study bank for dry point engravings, which I hope to be trying out this summer.


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